Office Design Ideas for 2017

Where do you spend most of your waking hours? If you’re like majority of people here in the Middle East, the answer is most likly work. Therefore, it goes without saying that the environment that you work in has to be functional, flexible, comfy as possible and well designed. Before deciding which office design is right for you and your company, it’s helpful to find inspiration and see which design ideas are flourishing in 2017 around the world.

1. Employees Matter!

From office layouts to accessories and colors, designers are more oriented to the well-being (health, productivity and comfort) of the employees than ever before, but on the other hand people have never before spent so much time working in their “comfy” offices. Due to cut-throught competition and new trend of excessive work hours which has lead to employees spending way more than 40 hour per week in their offices, designers had to invent areas for relaxation, meditation, fitness, productivity, socialization and pantries equipped with espresso machines and stacked with variety of foods.


Source: Usual House


Source: Business Insider


Source: Business Insider


Source: Adorable Home

2. Bring Nature Inside

With the trend of spending as much time inside, more natural elements are brought into the workplace. This is a trend that has increased productivity and well-being and won’t be going anywhere fast. As an example, green walls have been beneficial with air purity, increased concentration and relaxation because of the green color and some of the plants can be used in lunch, such as lettuces. Companies are also planting gardens in interiors to make working in an office feel more like a walk in the park and reduce stress.

green-design-cool-office-2Source: SM-Wall 

trends-haworth2-e1474666591109Source: Pacific Office Interiors


Source: Business Insider

3. Workspace That Supports Technology

We can expect to see even more workspaces that support technology, which is a logical design trend that is on the rise, such as integration of wireless charging and devices in office furniture. Office furniture will be with built in power adapters and multimedia capabilities, which will improve aesthetics of the office look.


Source: Retaildesignblog


Source: Decofilia


Source: Decofilia


Source: Futurist Architecture

4. Common Working Place

One interesting trend that is growing in office design is limiting the personal work areas and making a common working place for all employees to work and serve.

On the back of the trend to limit the personal space and making a common working place the idea about uniting individuals and start-up companies into co-working facilities has sprouted. This is cost effective and convenient for the companies and provides all the necessary elements, encourage social interactions, connections, and faster development due to faster exchange in terms of experience, knowledge (creating workshops in the common areas), equipment and sharing ideas. More large companies are adopting the design elements of common working spaces with agility and collaboration as keys to the success of businesses. Some companies are even inviting smaller organizations to use their space to create mini c0-working space with the aim to stimulate fresh thinking and off course managing cost of excess floor space.

We are also seeing employees teaming up with freelance workers to work on projects together, as the freelancing economy has become a major trend impacting the global workforce. As more companies hire on-demand to solve key problems and cut costs by removing healthcare coverage, and other employee benefits, more freelancers and full-time workers will need to work together. 


Source: Panic


Source: Officesnapshots


Source: Designis

5. Pet-Friendly Workspaces

Many workplaces are embracing four-legged friends as full members of the team, allowing employees to bring their dogs or cats to work. A pet-friendly office helps workers incorporate breaks, relieve stress and exercise more.


Source: Dogtown Media


Source: Homepolish


Source: Homepolish


Source: Dog Milk

6. Modular Furniture

In today’s office space design modularity and flexibility are becoming important workplace considerations. Many of today’s green-thinking entrepreneurs are demanding portable and modular furniture systems and components that can be demounted and moved, so they don’t have to replace away any furniture in case they move locations.

Based on my research and interior design awareness I must say that natural elements used in workplaces, as well as options for rest and relaxation will mark office design for 2017. We will see more flexible workplace environments with modular furniture and integrated technology than before, and with one aim to boost creativity and productivity among employees across the Middle East.


Source: Alain Gilles 


Source: Derloteditions

Hope you found this article inspiring. If you need consultation or design services contact me directly.

Thanks for reading!


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