Foster + Partners wins Jabal Omar Development Project

On 30th January 2017 Foster + Partners have announced that they have won Jabal Omar Development Project competition for a new luxury hotel and serviced apartments located just outside the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


The design was inspired by Arab traditional architecture and with respect to the mountainous terrain the cascading vertical elements of the design form a new topography.


Luke Fox, Head of Studio and Senior Executive Partner, Foster + Partners who attended the ceremony said: “We are absolutely delighted to have won the competition. Makkah is one of the most unique cities in the world. As the home of the Holy Kaaba – the holiest site in Islam – it presents a special challenge and honour for any developer and architect. Our design sets out to create an innovative building form that will be respectful to the scale and importance of the Grand Mosque.”

The interior design has been made very carefully keeping on mind the main focal point for every visitor – Holy Kaaba. Every hotel room has a dedicated space for private prayer and contemplation that provides direct views to the Grand Mosque and Holy Kaaba.


A dramatic pedestrian ramp integrated with the new topography will take the pilgrims through naturally lit spaces, adding to the special experience of visiting the Grand Mosque.


Fox added: “Our endeavor has been to make the experience special and appropriate to its unique location. The design follows a philosophy of ‘luxury with humility’ with an understated elegance throughout the development. On behalf of all the design team I would like to thank Jabal Omar Development Company for choosing to work with us. We are incredibly eager to begin work on the next stage, and look forward to a successful collaboration.”

Foster + Partner’s have made an interesting design through which it shows respect to the Holy place and doesn’t try to outshine it with it’s grandiose design but more to become a part of it and to enrich the experience of the pilgrims.

What are your thoughts about this project?

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| Source of the pictures: Foster + Partners |

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