Top Places to Visit in Kuwait

To be living in Middle East and not visiting countries in the region is a waste of opportunities, and I suppose that you will never be this near to all the surrounding destinations as you are right now. I have always been more of an adventurer and I just love to explore new cultures and destinations, and although there seems to be little differences between some of Middle East countries- the differences are bigger than they seem and that is the charm of this place that although the cultures seem alike you have to dig beneath the surface and unveil the differences. My journey this time led me to Kuwait and I will try to express my impressions from an objective point of view. The first thing that I noticed when we landed in Kuwait was the weather and blue clear sky. Wow! Who would have thought that a sight of a clear blue sky would evoke so much happiness. But it did. The weather in Doha, where I have lived for couple of years has been mostly dusty during the year and it was almost impossible to spend time outside. I started to appreciate the small things after spending years in Qatar, things that other people take for granted, such as clear rivers and snowy mountains, fresh air and autumn breeze, beautiful green spring grass and summer rain. I do miss that.

As you cruise through the streets of Kuwait City you will notice it’s history sealed on the buildings where it is unnoticeably incorporated in modern day developments. Some of the places are very smartly designed, but you will read all about it further down the post. I have to admit that I expected to see more of luxury buildings along the Arabian Gulf road since Kuwait is considered to be one of the richest countries in Middle East but you will see more of greenery than of luxury buildings.


If you have only couple of days (as I did) to spend in Kuwait these are the places that you will definitely need to see, so come with me to explore this lovely country located in the heart of Middle East.

Souk Al-Mubarakiya


Source: Shaikhayyal

Let’s start with the most authentic place in Kuwait, there where you can see the real raw Kuwait, hear it feel it and smell it. Souk Al-Mubarakiya is one of the most liked places in Kuwait. Whether you came to buy souvenirs, perfumes, gold, fresh fruits and vegetables or just wanted to feel the vibrant atmosphere you will find whatever you were searching for. This is the place where you can enjoy and discover the local culture and where you have to try locally prepared food. This is the place where you will see Kuwait in it’s purest form, without any exaggeration, no make-up or photoshop applied here.


Source: Cebu Pacific


Source: Khalid Almasoud

Marina Crescent

As an architect, I was impressed with the design of Marina Crescent and how it unobtrusively connects two sides of the road. The harbor area provides a relaxing vibe and connects the marina and coffee shops & restaurants with the more dynamic part across the street. On the other side of the road you will find a nicely designed Marina Mall. This project is wonderful and full of elements that connect people to the basic form of their satisfaction and that is nature. On one side you have the well designed connection with the sea, on the other side inside the mall architect used the natural light to the max and you will definitely feel sunlight along the mall with incorporation of trees.


Source: URC


Source: Angkors Away

The Kuwait Towers

There is no way to visit Kuwait and not notice The Kuwait Towers. The Kuwait Towers are also the most famous landmarks of Kuwait, designed by Danish architect Malene Bjørn and built by Yugoslavian Energoprojekt from 1971-1976. According to the architect, the Kuwait Tower group refers to ideals of humanity and technology, symbolised by the globe and the rocket. If you want to enjoy in beautiful Kuwaiti skyview than you have to visit it’s observation floor which oversees the Kuwait City. The buildings were interesting but I wasn’t impressed with the interior, it was outdated and plain, even if you went inside only for the view- if you are an OCD person you will be disappointed since the glass facade is dusty and it’s almost impossible to take a clear photo with these conditions.


The Avenues Mall


Source: The Avenues Mall

The Avenues mall is considered to be one of the biggest shopping malls in the Middle East, with over 800 retail brands and restaurants. It is constructed in phases and till now not finished completely. I loved the newly opened part which is called The Grand Avenues as it boasts a city feel with the cobble stone boulevard feature like that found in many European cities with architecture retail facades derived from international, local and contemporary influences.


Source: The Avenues Mallscreen-shot-2017-02-25-at-1-06-30-am

Source: The Avenues Mallscreen-shot-2017-02-25-at-1-04-44-am

Source: The Avenues Mall16996842_10158612035165157_599796577_n

Unfortunately I have spent only couple of days in Kuwait and didn’t get to know the city more, but these are my picks and although they can be considered as typical tourist tips- I am sure that you will not regret visiting these places as they represent the soul of Kuwait. As a conclusion I can say that Kuwait is a vibrant city teemed with sea lines, pleasant people and good food.

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